1. NO use of any type of xray or cheat that gives an unfair advantage. We have a ZERO tolerance for cheating the community. You will be banished for life.
  2. The most important rule is to be part of the community. This server is focused on being a tight knit group of people who respect each other and enjoy each others company.
  3. No Griefing! Do not break a single block of another players build. If it looks like someone is building in an area, give them plenty of space. The general rule of thumb is to build 300 blocks away from any current build.
  4. No Stealing! Do not enter another players chest unless you have permission. Even looking is not considered nice. This is a server of RESPECT so please honor all players and their personal belongings. All chest interactions and blocks are tracked with logblock so there is no hiding who stole something. If anyone is caught stealing it is an instant loss of whitelist access.
  5. The only current gameplay rule is you are not allowed to use any machine, grinder or farm that continues to work even when you are AFK. Even if you build an automated farm it is OK as long as you are using it while not AFK.
  6. Keep mob grinders and farms to reasonable mob limits. This means keep a limit of about 50 per chunk. If you make enough animals to the point you cant even see the ground then you have made way too many. Help keep the entities under control so server performance does not get hit drastically.
  7. Keep the terrain nice!  Help repair holes in the ground and don’t leave 1×1 towers around the server.  Creepers, Enderman and Fire will grief the world so lets try to keep it nice by filling in all the holes so that we can keep the vanilla style while also keeping the world from looking like swiss cheese.