Joining the Server

Survival Builders is a Minecraft: Java Edition “Whitelist Only” server focused on building in hard survival mode. We are not vanilla but pretty close to it ! Launch your Minecraft: Java Edition game and on the multiplayer screen add a server with the IP address mc.survivalbuilders.net to connect.  You must be running the latest version of 1.14.3 to join the server. The server is whitelisted and you can request whitelist access on our discord @ http://discord.survivalbuilders.net

The Basics

Survival Builders is a community based server around making friends first of all. We are an adult based community meaning you must be 21+ to hang around here. If we suspect anyone lying on their application then you will be asked to upload a photo ID along with a link to your facebook page.

We are a community open to drug use, profanity, and general topics that are more adult in nature. You must be 21+ to join the server and be part of the community. This server is meant for those seeking an alternative to the younger communities out there. This one is entirely adult based.

This server is run in a vanilla like style environment with only 2 gameplay changes. Phantoms will despawn when you sleep and fire spread by lightning is disabled to protect our builds. Griefing & Raiding are not allowed. Do not destroy, break, steal or kill other players. Co-Existence is a requirement of this server and anyone found stealing from chests or griefing property will be immediately banned. There is no gray area here. If you break the rules, you will be removed from the server!